Following videos deal with issues of sexuality. I group them into three categories; feminism, homosexuality and non-binary. I put them all under one TAB instead of three separate TABS so that we can see their relationship and a movement from one to the other. Throughout human history, it was a given that humans are either male or female even though homosexual persons have existed from ancient times. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Family is the building block of sound society. In the end, all these issues of sexuality tear down basic fundamental ideas of sexuality, marriage and family; creating a new world order of lawlessness.

First, there was a movement for rights for females i.e. feminism. There are a couple of waves of feminism noted. The initial movements were wonderful and liberating for women. They brought about equal rights for women in casting electoral votes, gaining freedom to work, social rights and even marital rights. Ref to internet articles for further details. Unfortunately, the feminist movement went too far when it sought to make male and females equal in every way; blurring the sexual identities and differences.

From a move to gain equality for women, the unfortunate movement to gain gay rights came about. Now, as with feminism, the initial thrust were wonderful and liberating. Seeking for understanding and acceptance of homosexuals in our society as a reality is something that I can support. No one has the right to bash or thrash others who are different from the norm. Unfortunately, like the feminist movement, the agenda to make homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle has gone too far; questioning basic sexual biology and disrupting traditional marriage and family ties. On the internet, check out Dave Rubin who is a married gay man and Blaire White who is a transgender woman. They are very sensible and such homosexuals and transgenders I can accept and live with even though I consider homosexuality as sin from a Biblical perspective. I would welcome them into my church and work with them to promote understanding on sexual issues.

Today, there are non-binary movements that have gone crazy to suggest that there are no biological male and female identities. Everyone can self identify one's sexual preferences, identity and pronouns. Such madness is not just a simplistic outgrowth of feminism and homosexual agendas but also related to the "God is dead" movement and the "everything is relative" ideology that were promulgated in the west.

I believe that man and women are created equal in the sight of God in terms of their worth. Man and women are not created equal in terms of physical build, mental psychology, emotional capacity, etc. Each gender has its strength and weaknesses which in marriage are to act in complimentarily union. I do not think homosexuality is a greater sin than adultery or any other sin. All of us struggle with sexual sin in one form or another. Let us not have a holier than thou attitude. The purpose of these videos is not to put down either gender or the homosexual persons but to highlight the dangers of extreme movements that lead to the destruction of society. 

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