The common trait between homosexuality and abortion is the claim to human rights - specifically for one's own rights without regards to truth or the rights of others who defer from them! Human rights is just a front to live sinfully. To live holy or sinfully is the right of each individual since God has given us free will. We ought to live responsibly because rewards and consequences will follow. However, promoting sinful living among the young and the impressionable or to advocate sinful living as the norm is to be resisted.

Following videos deal with the issue of abortion. Now, there are valid cases for abortions to be performed as in the case of saving the life of the mother. Can babies from rape situations be aborted? This is a more challenging situation. The purpose of these videos is NOT to negate all cases of abortion but to highlight the dangers of unrestricted abortions. Today, the pro-choice movement is advocating the rights of women to abort pregnancy in the third trimester; even up to the point of delivery! What reasons are given for this late term abortion? The healthy of the mother. What is meant by health of the mother? Physical, mental, social and almost any reason is covered by this ambiguous terminology. So a baby can be killed if the mother feels that society will judge her for being a teen mother or she thinks she will not be able to be a good mother or the child will hamper her social life, etc. The way to deal with unwanted babies is to not be sexually promiscuous! If you are going to have fun, then accept the responsibility and not murder the child for your sin!

Yes, sexual promiscuity is sin! Abortion in such cases is the cover-up of sin.

Abby Johnson-Kentucky Senate 14 Feb 2019

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