The astute reader would have noticed the title is "Science Vs Evolution" and not "Creation Vs Evolution" or "Science of Evolution". The simple reason for this is that I do not equate evolution fully as science. By evolution, I am referring to Darwin's Theory of Evolution i.e. all life forms evolve from simple to complex. I do believe in microevolution i.e. life forms can evolve within its own family types in accordance to Gen 1:11-12, 21, 24-25; all life forms reproduce "according to their kind". This is part of science and can be repeated today. By this God denies marcoevolution i.e. life forms can reproduce across their "kinds" i.e. birds do not evolve into land animals, insects do not evolve into amphibians, man is not evolved from monkeys. This is not part of science and cannot be repeated today nor has it been proven over the centuries. Actually, some in the scientific community have started to move away from Darwin's model of evolutionary theory, seeking new theories to avoid the otherwise obvious Biblical Creation account. As the renowned atheistic Physicist, Stephen Hawkings writes,

"Many scientists were still unhappy with the universe having a beginning because it seemed to imply that physics broke down. One would have to invoke an outside agency, which for convenience, one can call God, to determine how the universe began. They therefore advanced theories in which the universe was expanding at the present time, but didn't have a beginning. " (

Today, origins of life is speculated to be in theories of multiverse, string theory, life on earth populated by aliens, etc. Why would I depend on man's speculations rather than on God's revelation?

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