2020 changes

From 12th Jan, we will have Family Worship services i.e. children will join in our main services.

This will be followed by Sunday School for children and Teaching Classes for everyone else.

EM Liturgical Service                              9am - 10.30am

Sunday School / Teaching class           11am -12.30pm

EM Contemporary Service                     2pm – 3.30pm

We come to church on Sundays to worship God.

Disciples must be taught the things of Christ.

Let us learn and grow in Christ.

QLC mass mail

The church office sends information and communication emails to all members from time to time. If you have not received any such emails from our church office this year and wish to be included, please inform our administrator joannewong@lutheran.org.sg; stating that you wish to be included in church email. Please give your name and phone contact. Thanks.