In view of COVID-19, all onsite ministry gatherings are suspended  except for essential services like funerals.

  1. LCS will provide Sunday Worship Services online --> @ 10.45am

  2. CGs are encouraged to continue meeting online. Please heed our Government's call to stay home to contain and defeat the virus spread.

    1. Ps Andrew invites you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

      Topic: Bible Overview
      Time: 8 Apr, 2020,  Wednesday @ 8PM

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      Meeting ID:       will be sent to members by QLC mass comms. or upon request to

      Password:          will be sent to members by QLC mass comms.

      Synopsis : This class will give a broad overview of especially the Old Testament using a pictorial teaching method. After attending this class, you will be able to tell the storyline of the Old Testament. This will be a helpful framework when you are studying the Bible as you will be able to place characters and their stories in the wider work of God amongst us.

      My concern is not just to teach but to gather the body of Christ during this "COVID - Stay Home" situation. The teaching is not merely for personal knowledge but to build the body of Christ. It is best not to watch the class on a private screen but together as a family. You can then discuss the teaching to improve family communication and relationship. For this particular teaching, it will be most effective if you partner with another to reinforce what is taught. In between the teachings, you will be given the opportunity to repeat what was taught to your partner.

      God's blessings, Christ's love and the Spirit's empowerment be upon you. Keep safe and trust in the LORD always.