Established since the 60s in the heartlands of Commonwealth drive, Queenstown Lutheran Church is the second oldest Lutheran congregation in Singapore.

As a community of faith that loves and glorify God, we practice our Christian faith through worship, service, and a focus in discipleship.

Our Sunday worship services are 1) English service at 9.00am and 2) Chinese service at 11.15am.

As a Lutheran congregation, we follow the liturgical order of worship from the Lutheran Hymnal and the reading of the sermon texts according to the lectionary.

On last Sundays of every month, our chorale leads the worship with hymns and praises with slightly more contemporary musical arrangements.

If you are looking for a place with sound, biblical doctrine to worship; where members are warm and inviting, do visit us and you might just find your place at QLC.

Address: 709 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149601

Tel: 6473 7866